Artistic Garden Bed

Middle Daughter has been doing her artistic magic in our yard. I love the transformation.
Walnut shoots woven into a mini fence with rocks from around our acreage highlight the wild fern, huckleberries and the planted hydrangea and camellia bushes.
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Plum blossoms in the sun

Stepping back to really see
all the forest, not just one tree.
Memories without the fears,
all the smiles, not only tears.

Feeling feelings once again,
allowing love without the shame,
feeling grace to hear a name,
blessing the face that looks like them.

Laughing deeply, from your soul,
happiness the only goal.
Giving and taking with gentle care,
feeling the joy of something to share.

Standing on the very ledge,
knowing you’ll never go over that edge.
Accepting that what’s done is past
and that you are in the present at last.

©2016 Sharron R. McMillan

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Hens Helping In The Garden

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Spring Surprises In Our Yard

Daffodils nodding their approval to the sun.
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Hyacinth in the Rose Garden

The amazing scent of hyacinth in the sun wafts about the yard in the early morning stillness.
Ahhhh. It truly is Spring.

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Ghost Plane

Just the way the sun hit this plane, it flew across the sky looking like a ghost. Had to take a picture.
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Repurposed Drier To A Fire Pit

Eldest daughter took the tumbler out of our old drier and turned it into an amazing fire pit.
She cut triangles near the bottom on each side for air flow. A safe and contained fire for roasting wieners over.

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Lap Quilt For Mom Finished

Mom loves Kleenex, so the embroidery work is on a pocket on the back of the quilt that holds two small Kleenex pouches. We’re hoping we’ll be able to celebrate mom’s birthday in May.
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New Garden Gate

Strong, solid, heavy, holding out critters and locking in visions of winter feasting.
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Japanese Andromeda

Pieris Japonica, a beautiful spring time beauty.

Pieris Japonica – A Spring time beauty.

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First Blossoms of Spring

The volunteer Golden Plum tree that sprouted from a seed in the chicken coop many years ago is always the first to wake up in the spring, as though shouting a thank you for its very existence. Even though it isn’t in the sunniest spot in the yard, it makes the most of the space it found itself.

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Chinese Forget-Me-Not

I know it’s truly spring when the little blue faces of Chinese Forget-Me-Not appear all over the yard and garden.
Flower means True Love.

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Turkey Tail Fungi on Dogwood Tree

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Easter Hummingbird at the Feeder

I’ve never seen a fluffy hummingbird before and dressed in Easter colours too. A special visitation methinks.

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It Is Spring

Hummingbird at the feeder Easter morning

Tears from heaven wash the trees,

they’re blow-dried in a cooling breeze,

while chickadees and sparrows sing

telling all the world, “it’s spring”

Once more the woods are painted bright,

the day goes on for half the night,

Mother Nature has her fling-

new life comes forth and it is spring.

Tulips, children, puddles, grass,

Mother Nature’s looking glass,

love and laughter on the wing,

a new beginning, it is spring.

©Sharron R. Glasstetter 1976 – Reposted

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